NLAA Architecture Week is an event, hosted by the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Architects (NLAA), which will take place from October 5, 2019 to October 11, 2019. This year will mark the third edition of the Architecture Week for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the NLAA is aiming to host an Architecture Week as an annual event in years to come. This year Architecture Week includes many activities that promote architecture and create a place to engage the public in a discussion about the future of our built environment.


The goal of Architecture Week is to increase the awareness of architecture as well as to promote a positive influence on the built environment in Newfoundland and Labrador. The aim is to develop public knowledge and understanding of the buildings locally and throughout Canada that are considered to be a significant
contribution to our cultural and social identity. Architecture Week is an opportunity to engage the public in architecture.